total revenue less total expenses for a period of time calculated in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Glossary of Business Terms
Revenue minus cost. The amount one makes on a transaction. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. profit prof-it 1 [ˈprɒft ǁ ˈprɑː-] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. ACCOUNTING FINANCE money that you gain from selling something, or from doing business in a particular period of time, after taking away costs:

• A business has to make a profit.

• Since it was set up two years ago, the company hasn't earned a profit but could break even this year.

• Coca-Cola reported strong profits in the latest quarter.

• They will have to produce and sell more than 300,000 cars a year to turn (= make ) a profit on the model.

• We've got to see the economy recover, and we've got to see corporate profits (= those of companies in general ) increase.

• They controlled the market for the stock and drove it up to artificially high prices, netting themselves and others excess profits (= profits that people think are too high ) .

• The company said that sales and profits increased in four of its major divisions.

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Types of profit
Gain is the financial profit that a person or company makes. People often use the word 'gain' when they believe that money is the only thing that someone is interested in:

• Developers continue to cut down the forest for economic gain.

Proceeds are all the money that you get from selling something, or from something such as a show or sports event:

• The proceeds from the sale of the house went to his brother.

A surplus is the amount of money that remains after a company or organization has paid all its costs, charges, wages etc:

• The division's surplus last year was under $10 million.

Interest is an amount of profit that you make at an agreed rate when you put money into a bank or when you lend money to someone:

• The best rate of interest the banks can offer is around 7%.

Return is the total profit that you get as a result of putting money into a bank, company etc:

• How can I get the best return on my capital?

• Returns from farming have been declining for many years.

Yield is the exact amount of profit that you get as a result of lending money to a company, government etc:

• Shareholders should not expect a high yield this year.

2. first-quarter/​second-half/​etc profit ACCOUNTING FINANCE profits for the first three-month period, second six-month period etc of the financial year:

• The insurer recorded fourth-quarter profit of 86 cents a share, compared with year-earlier net income of 82 cents.

acˌcumulated ˈprofit ACCOUNTING FINANCE
the profits a company has made in previous years and held in its reserves:

• The available reserves of its accumulated profit were reduced by workers' demands so that there was little money for capital investment.

after-ˈtax ˌprofit ACCOUNTING FINANCE TAX
a company's profit after tax has been taken away:

• The decline in after-tax profit was the result of significantly higher tax charges.

1. a profit as shown in a company's accounts:

• Philips will report a book profit of about Fl1,800 million on its sale of shares in TSM.

2. a profit not in actual money, but from the increase in the value of an asset; = PAPER PROFIT:

• If the land was revalued and stated in the balance sheet at its current price, this would result in the company making a book profit.

conˌsolidated ˈprofit ACCOUNTING FINANCE
in a group of companies, the total profit from all the companies in the group for a particular period of time:

• Solvay's consolidated profit fell 20% because of lower margins in its plastics sector.

disˌtributable ˈprofit also disˌtributed ˈprofit FINANCE ACCOUNTING
profit earned during a particular period of time that a company pays to shareholders:

• Preference dividends can be accumulated if there are not sufficient distributable profits to pay them in a particular financial year.

• There was a further reduction of corporation tax on reinvested income, while distributed profits remained taxable at 42%.

a company's profit before certain costs and taxes are taken away:

• The insurer reported that gross profit, before taxes and losses on equity and foreign-exchange operations, edged down 1%.

ˌnet ˈprofit ACCOUNTING
the profit from a deal, or from business activity for a particular period of time, after all costs and taxes are taken away; = NET:

• Their contract stipulated that they were entitled to a fee of 41% of the film's net profit.

• Profit after tax, or net profit payable to shareholders, rose to £20.1 million.

ˈoperating ˌprofit ACCOUNTING FINANCE
profit relating to a company's normal activities of providing goods or services:

• The company reported $3.9 million in operating profit before interest, cash and depreciation, on revenue of $15.3 million.

an increase in the value of an investment, which is not an actual amount of money unless the investment is sold:

• Many investors are sitting on fat paper profits from the rally, and are worried about losing those profits if the market has peaked.

pre-ˈtax ˌprofit also pretax profit ACCOUNTING FINANCE TAX
profit for a particular period of time before tax is taken away:

• The company reported pretax profit of 175 billion yen, net of 94 billion yen on sales of 3.228 trillion yen.

real profit, with no costs to be taken away:

• Sponsorship income is pure profit for the club because there are no costs associated with it.

reˌtained ˈprofit ACCOUNTING FINANCE
net profit for a particular period of time, or for several periods of time, that is not paid to shareholders in Dividends; = UNDISTRIBUTED EARNINGS:

• Furr's wants to use retained profits for expansion and renovation.

ˌtaxable ˈprofit ACCOUNTING TAX
profit that can be legally taxed:

• Corporations can deduct their interest expenses from taxable profits.

ˈtrading ˌprofit
1. FINANCE ACCOUNTING the profit made by a financial institution from buying and selling investments:

• Both foreign-exchange trading profit and gains from the sales of securities were lower in the quarter.

2. ACCOUNTING another name for operating profit:

• BAT said trading profit from its commercial activities rose 28%.

undisˌtributed ˈprofit FINANCE ACCOUNTING
profit from a particular period of time, that is not paid to shareholders:

• Undistributed profits should be allowed to accumulate free of tax.

ˈwindfall ˌprofit ACCOUNTING
a profit gained from an unusual or unexpected event; = WINDFALL:

• Should the Automobile Association sell its commercial activities and distribute a windfall profit to its members?

  [m0] II. profit profit 2 verb [intransitive]
to gain money from an event, selling something etc:
profit by/​from something

• Tiger profited by anticipating the fall in the Tokyo stock market.

• Coca-Cola profited from a weaker dollar and higher sales overseas.

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   Company profit is the amount left after deducting the total costs from the total sales. It is usual to define profit more precisely, such as operating profit or net profit.

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profit UK US /ˈprɒfɪt/ noun [C or U] COMMERCE, FINANCE
money that is earned in trade or business, especially after paying the costs of producing and selling goods and services: »

The group has had an uneven record in recent years, swinging back and forth between profits and losses.

make/realize/turn a profit »

The company said it had made a profit of about £1.4bn on the deal.

after-tax/pre-tax profit »

Pre-tax profits rose 22.3% to £13.7m.


The expectation is that both turnover and trading profit will have increased during last year.

sell sth at a profit »

A realized gain occurs when we sell an investment at a profit.

profit on sth »

He will make a $431m profit on the sale.

for profit »

Banks made new loans, then swiftly sold them off for profit, using the proceeds to extend still more.

report profits »

In the year to March the company reported profits after tax of €900,000.

profits fall/increase/rise »

Sales and profits rose last year.


Concerns have been raised that a stagnating economy is hampering corporate profit growth.


boost/increase profits


an increase/jump/rise in profit


a drop/fall in profit


big/record/strong profits


future/short-term/small profits


annual/corporate/taxable profits

be in/come into profit — Cf. come into profit
first-half, first-quarter, etc. profit — Cf. first-half, first-quarter, etc. profit
pure profit — Cf. pure profit
See also ACCUMULATED PROFIT(Cf. ↑accumulated profit), ATTRIBUTABLE PROFIT(Cf. ↑attributable profit), BOOK PROFIT(Cf. ↑book profit), CONSOLIDATED PROFIT(Cf. ↑consolidated profit), DISTRIBUTABLE PROFIT(Cf. ↑distributable profit), DISTRIBUTED PROFIT(Cf. ↑distributed profit), FOR-PROFIT(Cf. ↑for-profit), GROSS PROFIT(Cf. ↑gross profit), NET PROFIT(Cf. ↑net profit), OPERATING PROFIT(Cf. ↑operating profit), PAPER PROFIT(Cf. ↑paper profit), RETAINED PROFIT(Cf. ↑retained profit), TAXABLE PROFIT(Cf. ↑taxable profit), WINDFALL(Cf. ↑windfall)
profit UK US /ˈprɒfɪt/ verb [I]
to earn money from something: profit by sth/doing sth »

Traders can profit by buying the stocks back later at lower prices.

profit from sth/doing sth »

Many companies will profit from the fall in interest rates.

to gain an advantage from something: profit from sth/doing sth »

I profited enormously from working with her.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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